• Original second hand Scotland

Original second hand Scotland

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Price for 1 kg: 2.20
Season: All season
Grade: 1
Bag weight: 180 kg
Type of goods: Original
Стоимость мешка 396.00

Original second-hand container assembly.

The assembly country is Scotland.

The ratio of the content of children's and men's clothing is approximately equal to the number of women's clothing. The clothes are modern, relevant, brand things come across more often than in other originals. Children's clothing is bright, modern, high quality. Shoes - the models are very different, there are good quality leather shoes. Bags are present in the same quantity as in other originals. There are leather bags, brand ones may come across. Jewelry and decor items can also be found. Bed linen is found in small quantities. There is a sufficient amount of underwear, swimwear and socks. OR SCOTLAND - a trendy and youth product! Exclusive in Ukraine!

The average weight of the bag is 180-200 kg.

The price is 2.2 euros / kg.

【The cost is indicated in EURO equivalent】

In the photo and video, an example of unpacking a product of educational nature.
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