About our company
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SRS Company Today

Eventoday plenty local wholesale warehouses under the brand of “SRS Company” workall over Ukraine to save time and money of ourclients/partners.

Ourflexible discount system, unique loyalty program and special offerings empowerto run a win-win business.

SRS Company is proud of the fact that our standing customers, having chosen us one day, follow us so far.

We appreciate mutual cooperation and do our best for our offers to be the most advantageous for you.

SRS Company Objectives

  • Daily progress
  • Daily turning our plans into reality
  • Daily  improvement
  • The onward movement 

SRS Company invites you to attach yourself to our united family!

We will always enlarge a membership of our business partners – those who accepts our beliefs, goals and values. 

We work with you and for you to encourage steady growth and development of our joint business!

Starting to work with us today, tomorrow you will realize that you have made the only judicious selection!