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The largest importer of second hand wholesale in Ukraine
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Being a member of SRS Holding (Netherlands) SRS Company is largest importer of “Second Hand” clothes and outlet over Ukraine and CIS countries.

Professional distribution in the field of “b2b” (“business to business”) of assorted and originally collected clothes with the ideal rate of value for money is the core business of our company in Ukraine.

We implement drop-ships of Second Hand goods from more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia and North America. Being based on the power of the Dutch head office in Almere SRS Company provides reliable and proficient supply of large variety of goods like no other in Ukraine. 

Mission and Values of the Company

The international holding SRS is your reliable partner in SECOND HAND business.

We save your time and money. We appreciate your opinion and requests.

We offer you the best: a wide variety of products, high quality, acceptable price,

excellent service, knowledge and experience. We adhere to honesty,

work as for ourselves and take great care of your business.


Focus on customers!


Lifelong education!


From busyness to effectiveness!


Life credo 20/80!


Unity with the Company!



Mutual respect and shared responsibility!

Wholesale second hand in Ukraine.

The Founder of SRS Holding Mr. Hamed Rahimi gives a solid base of rich experience in a wholesale second hand business.
SRS Company offers an opportunity to buy wholesale second hand goods from the best European suppliers. We offer competitive price without intermediaries. The success of second hand business depends on the quality of the goods and efficiency of suppliers.

The goods undergo cleansing before being packed in bags. This is a mandatory requirement for all second hand goods.  Each consignment of second hand goods exported by SRS Company to Ukraine is accompanied by a certificate of compliance with EU requirements, containing information about chemical reagents used in cleansing. This procedure ensures that the goods are free of all the vegetative forms of infectious agents as well as insects who carry them.
After cleansing, second hand goods are sorted into adults` and children`s clothing based on their seasonality as well as wear and tear and then they are put into packages. The entire sorting process undergoes three phases of control. The first phase includes assessing of the quality of incoming second hand goods; at the second phase certified professional inspectors evaluate the job of each sorter, and at the final third stage we conduct a selective inspection of already collected goods.Mr. Hamed Rahimi created a business machine, that works in the wholesale second hand sector. Our staff is professional, that happy at their work.

Wholesale second hand warehouses in Ukraine.

SRS Company also offers a wide range of merchandise selected according to market needs, known as sorted second hand goods. A trademark of our Company is our signature Dutch sorting packages named SRS “Teddy Bear” (they got such a nickname because of teddy bear images printed on packages with goods).

We constantly update the range of second hand wholesale after each weekly delivery. We offer a wide selection of men's and women's second hand clothes and shoes as well as household items. Children's clothing and shoes with minimal wear are also extremely popular. Fans of winter and summer sports will light up at the sight of a wide range of low cost sports clothing and sportswear shoes at an affordable price.

Sorted wholesale second hand goods are divided into.

1.       Second hand “EXTRA” – Sorted premium goods (wear no or it is minimal). The best, that was selected by our experts in the Netherlands.
2.       1st sort second hand. The optimum combination price/quality. Without visible defects. The quality confirmed by our specialists in the Netherlands.
3.       2nd sort second hand. These goods have visible signs of wear and have minor defects. This economy proposal is prepared by our experts in the Netherlands.

 Business Second Hand.

Although SRS Company has quite a young team, we already know how exactly we should move forward. Our team always conducts close monitoring and extensive research in trade and fashion industries in order to identify the major trends. Today numerous regional second hand storehouses operate under the SRS trademark all over Ukraine to save our clients time and money.
If you start to wonder where exactly you can buy quality second hand wholesale in Ukraine, please remember that our professional experience and excellent market knowledge may help you not only to start your own business, but also to make a good profit of it. You may view the range of goods at our online store as well as download the latest second hand price list. We know everything about the second hand industry and we are willing to share useful information with you! By cooperating with us, you are taking a crucial step towards success and prosperity!