Terms of purchase

Come to us! We are always interested! Useful time!

Purchase of goods at wholesale warehouses: Kharkov, Kiev.

SRS Company gives you the opportunity to come to one of the wholesale stores company and independently view (and even study !!) the contents of any lot with goods, select and purchase the desired category of goods. At the company's warehouse we carefully look through the lot (bag) and you get acquainted with its contents. Is always there is the possibility of choosing the right product!

Our managers will help you find the necessary and profitable offers, will recommend the assortment corresponding to the features of seasonal demand, calculate the cost of purchase (one thing or the whole lot), in order to the purchase was the most profitable for you and we met again with us!

Order remotely! Time is always running out! But we know how to help save it!

You can always get the goods without visiting the wholesale warehouse of the company. For making an order remotely, you must first familiarize yourself with assortment of goods offered by SRS Company.

  • Second-hand goods wholesale you can look at the website in the Catalog .
    The site has a feedback form with which you you can ask your question or request a call back .
  • After the product is selected, contact the company manager for any Call center number convenient for you in the Contacts section.
  • The company manager will provide all the necessary information to make an order, take a photo and / or video unpacking goods you are interested in, and will instantly send using instant messengers (Viber / Telegram) or other convenient for you way.
  • Tell us a convenient payment method for your order and delivery of goods .
  • After you confirm the order and pay for it, we will immediately We are sending. If necessary, managers can put your favorite product in the short-term reserve.

In addition, you can contact us on social networks Instagram and Facebook .

You have the opportunity to complete an order, find out the weight and cost lots, get a photo or video review. To do this, you need to In a personal message indicate the phone number and your location paragraph. After receiving the message, the manager will contact you the region and will provide all the necessary information and help place an order.