Home textiles second hand.
Correctly selected curtains, curtains, tulle, which can become the main accent in the interior, will help to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the house. Tulle - light transparent mesh, smooth or patterned fabric (cotton, semi-silk, etc.). A curtain is a cross between a dense curtain and a light tulle. It consists of a solid canvas, which beautifully drapes the window opening. Curtains, as a rule, are the finishing touch of dense fabric, which does not allow or little sunlight. Having finished the repair in the house, you still need to decorate it, including hanging beautiful curtains on the windows. Often their prices are high and curtains, curtains and tulle second-hand from SRS Company will come to the rescue.
As a direct wholesale supplier of second-hand goods to Ukraine, SRS Company offers to buy:
• curtains and tulle second-hand wholesale
• curtains second hand
• second-hand curtains and curtains,
• curtains curtains and other fabric cuts

All second-hand goods offered for sale are second grade with minimal or no wear. Suppliers - Germany, Holland.

The bag is filled with curtains, curtains, tulle second-hand from natural and synthetic fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, wool, viscose, polyester, acrylic, nylon, various mixed fabrics - a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, for more durable use, easy care products. Second-hand curtains for various rooms and various colors - kitchens, bedrooms, large guest rooms, there are children's curtains - with the image of cartoon and fairy-tale characters. The sizes of second-hand curtains are very different - for wide and narrow windows.

In the filling of the bag, cuts of second-hand fabric of various sizes and colors may come across.

It is possible to buy tulle, curtains, curtains and other cuts of second-hand fabric in Ukraine both large and small in bulk - from 1 bag.