Why is it worth buying second-hand products from us?
We are not intermediaries, but the official supplier of second-hand goods. Thanks to the right logistics, we always have in stock a sufficient number of goods at competitive prices.
Why is it profitable for customers to work with SRS Company?
Our company provides regular customers with a profitable loyalty program and regularly holds interesting promotions. We guarantee the supply of second-hand wholesale without delay and in due course term. A wide range of products of different categories and price ranges allows you to choose and constantly maintain the desired assortment depending on demand and direction.
Where do second hand deliveries come from?
We carry out direct deliveries of second-hand goods in bulk from more than 20 countries in Europe, North America. The largest collection and processing points are concentrated in Austria, England, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, and Sweden, with whom we work directly, thereby ensuring low prices and wide assortment of second-hand products.
What is the minimum quantity to order?
You have the opportunity to make a minimum order of 1 bag of products of any kind.
What is the minimum and maximum weight of 1 bag?
Sorted second-hand from 10 kg to 100 kg, the original second-hand ("all as is") from 120 kg to 200 kg.
Can I get acquainted with the product before buying?
Arriving at the warehouse, the client can view the lot and get acquainted with its contents. Every the bag can be inspected completely to understand what you are going to buy. Also, we take photos and videos reviews for customers who wish to purchase goods remotely.
Can I take things for myself from different bags?
Not. We sell only whole bags, but you will have the opportunity to choose the right one You.
What is a sorted second hand?
Sorted second-hand - second-hand, which is selected and sorted, as per quality parameters, as well as seasonality and type.
What grade of second-hand goods does the SRS Company offer?
  • Category "CREAM" (premium grades) - goods of the highest category (new), without wear, with a tag, goods of famous European and world brands.
  • Category "first grade" - an ideal product in a combination of price / quality, with a low percentage of socks, without holes, not dirty and without visible defects, stylish fashionable clothes.
  • Category "second grade" -goods with slight visible defects or damage, possibly stains or spoiled fastener.
What is a second-hand original?
Items belonging to the category Second hand original are things that have not passed the procedure sorting. Having a low cost, second-hand “original” is very popular. clothing second-hand is collected in various, usually prosperous areas of Western Europe, at any time of the year and different ways. The tradition of collecting things second-hand in European countries has already exceeded a hundred years.
Should I buy only a second-hand "cream" for the store?
Novice entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing only a “cream" when buying a second hand wholesale. Although this product will be the best assortment of your store, but these things are also the most expensive. If their too much, this will scare away the buyer who came to you for cheap things. Recommended to combine in assortment of different product categories.
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