З 24 лютого 2022 року SRS Company припиняє продаж зі складу у Харкові на невизначений період і переміщує київський склад до міста Рівне

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Summer clothes Shop B
Summer clothes Shop B

Summer clothes Shop B

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Стоимость мешка 125.00

Price for 1 kg: 2.50 / Season: Summer / Grade: 2 / Bag weight: 50 kg / Type of goods: MIX
Производитель: SRS Company
Original second hand container assembly from Sweden
Price for 1 kg: 1.80 / Season: All season / Grade: 1 / Bag weight: 120 kg / Type of goods: Original


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Стоимость мешка 62.50

Price for 1 kg: 2.50 / Season: Summer / Grade: 1 / Bag weight: 25 kg / Type of goods: Shorts
Производитель: SRS Company
Original Second Hand Helicopter from England

Original Second Hand Helicopter from England

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Стоимость мешка 400.00

Price for 1 kg: 2.50 / Season: All season / Grade: 1 / Bag weight: 160 kg / Type of goods: Original
Производитель: SRS Company

SRS Company is the largest importer of second-hand clothing wholesale in Ukraine

B2B Professional Distribution (“business to business”) sorted and originally assembled second-hand clothes wholesale with the ideal combination of price / quality (“value for money”), is the main the direction of our company in Ukraine.

We carry out direct deliveries of second-hand goods in bulk from more than 20 countries in Europe, North America, with capabilities SRS Holding.

SRS Company provides a stable and quality supply a huge assortment of second-hand goods in bulk to Ukraine, like no other!

SRS Company - International trading and manufacturing company, reliable partner for our customers, providing the best service through customer focus of all departments.

We will make you successful in the sale of second-hand goods and provide the best product from around the world.

Direct deliveries without intermediaries
Wholesale from 1 bag
Free delivery throughout Ukraine
A wide range of
Regular product updates
All products are sanitized and have a quality certificate.
Favorable system of discounts, regular promotional offers
Ability to view goods before purchase, photo or video unpacking reviews
Convenient forms of payment
Visiting trade in the regions of Ukraine

SRS Company - Your reliable business partner SECOND HAND!

We save your time and money. We value your opinion and wishes.
We give you the best: wide selection, quality, price, excellent service, knowledge and experience.

Fair. As for yourself. Taking care of your business.

Our values:
  • We are honest with ourselves, with colleagues and partners.
  • We do not give knowingly false promises and information in which we are not sure.
  • We focus on the needs of our target customers; We study and analyze their feedback; We care about their interests.
  • We perfectly understand and study the needs of our customers.
RULE 20/80
  • Priority tasks, goals - we do not leave for later what can be done now.
  • We apply rule 20/80 to prioritize in work.
  • We are able to single out from all cases those that will bring the greatest result.
  • We take and do - we act promptly and do not seek excuses for ourselves.
  • All our activities are aimed at the result, accurate planning, goal setting and task setting.
  • We clearly plan our activities and results at all levels.
  • We work in the format of long-term and short-term planning.
  • We control the implementation of tasks.
  • We respect each other and come to each other's help, We respect our colleagues and their work.
  • We listen and hear each other.
  • We are a well-coordinated team.
  • We support colleagues in solving issues, tasks for achieving a common goal.
  • We share the best experience with each other.
  • Company employees are focused on increasing their qualifications, professional and personal growth; are engaged in self-education.
  • The company encourages staff initiative and motivation to training and applying the knowledge gained in practice.
  • Cohesion of employees - we strive to achieve the highest level of results in favor of the company and all its employees.

Сompany's news

Second hand wholesale in Ukraine

At its source, SRS Company has a solid base in the form of the rich experience of the creator and owner of SRS Holding, Mr. Hamed Rahimi in the field of second-hand goods wholesale. The secret to success is not only that Mr. Hamed Rahimi created a business machine that works in a coordinated and good manner in the field of second-hand wholesale wholesales, but also gathered people who do their work professionally and enjoy it a lot.

SRS Company offers a unique opportunity to purchase second-hand goods from the best European second-hand suppliers at competitive prices directly without intermediaries. From product quality and efficiency the supplier depends on the profitability and success of the second hand business.

Before the item is packed in bags, it must be sanitized. This is a prerequisite in second hand. Each batch of second-hand goods supplied by SRS Company to Ukraine has a European standard certificate that indicates which chemicals were used in the processing. This measure ensures the destruction of the vegetative forms of pathogens of infectious diseases and insects - their carriers.

After the sanitization, the things that were in use are sorted into adults and children, given the seasonality, deterioration and packaged in bags. The entire sorting process goes through three levels of control. At the first stage, the quality of incoming items is checked second-hand, at the second - specially certified controllers evaluate the work of each sorter, and at the final, third stage, a selective check of the goods already collected is made.

Wholesale warehouses second-hand Ukraine

Currently, second-hand wholesale warehouses are filled with actual groups of used goods: second-hand Original (home and container assembly) and second-hand sorting, which with minimal investment when starting a business (from a small outlet to a store or a wholesale warehouse / networks) will be promising over time.

Also, SRS Company offers a wide selection of products selected according to market demands - sorted second-hand. The visiting card of our Company is the Dutch company-owned sorting SRS “Bear” (named after the image of a teddy bear on packages with goods).

The assortment of second-hand products in bulk is constantly being updated thanks to weekly receipts. We offer a large selection of used men's and women's clothing and shoes, household goods. Children's clothing and shoes with minimal wear are very popular. Inexpensive sportswear and shoes will please you with their assortment and reasonable price for lovers of winter and summer sports

Sorted second-hand goods in bulk have such a grade

"" - Sorted goods of premium grades (no wear or minimum). The best selected by our experts in the Netherlands

1 grade. The optimal combination of price / quality. Normal wear and tear, without visible defect or defect. Confirmed by our experts in the Netherlands.

2 grade. These are products with visible wear and slight defects. An economic offer prepared by our experts in the Netherlands.

Business second hand

The SRS Company team is quite young, but we already clearly know which way and how to go forward. Our team always closely monitors and conducts active research in the trade and fashion industry in order to identify the main trends. Already today, numerous regional second-hand wholesale warehouses under the SRS brand are operating throughout Ukraine to significantly save our customers time and money.

When you think about where to buy high-quality second-hand wholesale in Ukraine, our professional experience and excellent knowledge of the market will help you not only start your own business, but also make it bring good profit. You can get acquainted with the assortment on the pages of our online store, as well as download the current price list for used goods. We know everything about second hand and are ready to share useful information!

Cooperation with us is a direct path to your success and prosperity!