Second hand small wholesale

Updating the assortment of a retail outlet is not always a big financial expense, because clothes can be bought in second-hand stores. The choice of things is quite large. The assortment includes:

1. Sundresses;

2. Dresses;

3. Pants;

4. Skirts;

5. Shirts.

Wholesale second-hand clothes cheap

If you do not know where it is better to buy second-hand wholesale, take a look at us. We will delight you with a large assortment and low prices. Here you can buy clothes in Kharkov and avoid overpayments.

Wholesale humanitarian aid is profitable. This option is suitable for everyone who is limited in finances and seeks to save. Bagged items are much cheaper by weight.

We offer workwear and items for everyday wear. We have a winter, summer and all-season assortment in our warehouse. For the summer season, you can purchase shorts, T-shirts, sundresses. For winter - hoodies, hats, sweaters. You can also order sports second-hand in small wholesale from us. And also there are bags, tulle, linen, children's things.

Our second-hand warehouse is one of the best in Kharkov, you can see for yourself. All things are in good condition.

Take the opportunity to buy a bag of second-hand items and save a significant amount on updating your store's assortment.