Interesting facts about shoes

Interesting facts about shoes />

The first sneakers appeared and were used not as sports shoes, but as a corset for an injured leg - a tight lacing and a comfortable sole were designed to support the foot and limit the mobility of the foot. Sneakers became everyday shoes only in the 50s of the last century, before that they were worn only during sports. Sports shoes became part of the youth style thanks to James Dean, whose hero in the movie “Rebel Without an Ideal” walked in sneakers. Young people in the United States, imitating their favorite actor, began to wear sports shoes as everyday. These are so popular shoes that not only young people, but also people of the older generation, enjoy sneakers for walking in parks and squares.

The word "slates" appeared thanks to the city of Slates, which housed the factory that produced these rubber slippers. Many Soviet people thought that the word "Shale", placed on the sole, is the name of the product, and not the place of its production. So it came into use to call rubber slippers slates.

Initially, skates were tied to shoes with ropes and belts. The usual skates with the skids tightly attached to the sole were invented by Peter I, who was in the Netherlands for ship affairs and was fond of skating on ice.

The freebie used to be called the bootleg. The lower part of the boot - the head - wore out much faster than the boot. Enterprising shoemakers sewed a new head to the bootleg. Such boots - sewn "for free" - were much cheaper than new ones.

During Prohibition in the United States, illegal alcohol dealers wore special shoes to entangle police officers. Wooden shoes were tied to the sole of the boots, which left marks on the ground that looked exactly like the tracks of cow hooves.

A fan-collector of shoes is singer Madonna. She has many hundreds of pairs of shoes made of precious and fragile materials, many of which she hasn’t worn and never worn. Along with them, the singer is very fond of sneakers.

The largest number of shoe factories in Italy (about 30 thousand), it is symbolic that even on the map the outlines of this state resemble a women's boot. But they buy the most shoes in France.

The first boots for women were designed for the British Queen Victoria in 1840.