Second hand bags

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Men's and women's bags
Men's and women's bags
Men's and women's bags
Men's and women's bags
Price for 1 kg: 9.00 / Season: All season / Grade: 1 / Bag weight: 30 kg / Type of goods: Bags
Brand: SRS Company

Second hand wholesale bags offered by SRS Company for sale are made of various types of natural and artificial leather, fabrics and other materials with and without locks of various designs, simple and complex shapes, of various rigidity.

The color range of materials is varied: from black to various shades of gray, brown tones, soft golden and green shades, various shades of blue and red. Second-hand bags wholesale are presented with us:

- by appointment: everyday, weekend, household, travel and sports.

- by the type of decoration: smart, business and formal,

- according to the degree of hardness: hard, semi-hard and soft

- according to seasonality: autumn-winter and spring-summer.