Terms of Use


1.1. The management of this site https://srs-company.ua/ (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) is carried out by SRS Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

1.2. These Rules govern the relationship between the Administration (hereinafter - the "Administration") of the Site and Users.

1.3. The site administration reserves the right at any time to change, add or delete any paragraphs of these Rules without notifying Users.

1.4. The rules are considered as agreed by the Parties from the moment they start using the Site.

1.5. Having gained access to the Site, the User is considered such that he has read these Rules.


2.1. The site administration has the right:

2.1.1. At any time, change the Terms of Use of the Site, as well as information and any content of the Site.

2.1.2. Restrict access to the User’s Site in case of violation of the latest rules.

2.1.3. The administration has the right to transfer the Site with all its services along with the personal data of the Users to its assignee under the contract or other grounds.

2.1.4. The administration reserves the right at any time to make a request to the User in order to confirm the data specified during registration, and therefore has the right to require documents confirming this information.

2.2. Administration is committed to ensuring the stable operation of the Site.

2.3. The administration undertakes not to post the personal data of the Users in public access.

2.4. The administration undertakes not to transfer personal data to third parties, unless the transfer is a legal requirement, at the request of the personal data subject or in other legally established cases.

2.5. Administration is not responsible for:

2.5.1. User Actions on the Site.

2.5.2. For failures arising in telecommunication and (or) energy networks, malicious programs, as well as for unscrupulous actions of third parties.

2.5.3. For damage or loss of profit caused to the User as a result of using or the inability to use the site.

2.5.4. For any damage to the user’s software and (or) hardware complex resulting from the use of the Site.

2.6. The user has the right to:

2.6.1. Use all the website functionality available for use, within the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine.

2.6.2. Use the rights that are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”.

2.7. The user must:

2.7.1. Do not perform actions that may lead to a disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the Site.

2.7.2. Do not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or make available to the public the information contained on the Site (except for information provided by the User himself) without the prior written consent of the Administration.

2.7.3. Not to interfere and (or) not to try to interfere with work and other activities on the Site, as well as not to interfere with the actions of automatic systems or processes, as well as other events, in order to interfere or restrict access to the Site.

2.7.4. Do not use the information provided by another User (s) for any purpose other than the completion of a transaction with the User.

2.8. The user is prohibited from:

2.8.1. Discussing the actions of the Administration in a way other than through electronic correspondence with the Administration.

2.8.2. Using the names of Users similar to the names of other users in order to impersonate and write messages on their behalf.

ІІІ. Final provisions

3.1. The Administration undertakes to make efforts to properly fulfill the responsibilities that are assigned to the Administration by the Rules.

3.2. The user must adhere to the Rules.

3.3. The user is responsible for violation of the Rules in accordance with these Rules and the current legislation of Ukraine.

3.4. The User has the right to refuse to accept changes and amendments to the Rules, which will be regarded by the Administration as the User’s refusal to use the Site