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The largest importer of second hand wholesale in Ukraine and Russia
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Being a member of SRS Holding (Netherlands) SRS Company is largest importer of “Second Hand” clothes and outlet over Ukraine and CIS countries.

Professional distribution in the field of “b2b” (“business to business”) of assorted and originally collected clothes with the ideal rate of value for money is the core business of our company in Ukraine.

We implement drop-ships of Second Hand goods from more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia and North America. Being based on the power of the Dutch head office in Almere SRS Company provides reliable and proficient supply of large variety of goods like no other in Ukraine. 

Mission and Values of the Company

We offer people an opportunity to find their individuality by means of second hand clothes: to be beautiful, classy and exclusive – to feel precious. 






Lifelong education!


Don`t delay – just do it!


Unity with the company!

Mutual respect and supportiveness!


To live by a code: 20/80!

To live right here and right now! 


To think in black and white!

Area of warehouses in Ukraine
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The number of active customers in Ukraine
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 At the origins SRS Company has sound basis by means of rich experience, in the field of Second Hand goods and outlet, of the founder and owner of SRS Holding – Mr. Hamed Rahimi.

A recipe for success is not merely consists of that fact that Mr. Hamed Rahimi created such a business- machine which works in concert and smoothly, but he has also gathered the people who is notable for professional policy, people who takes enjoyment in their job, people who is happy being an integrant part of SRS Company!

So far, SRS Company encircles not only Ukrainian market, but also conquers its segment in neighbouring countries, e.g.: Belarus, Georgia, etc.

Gathered experience of our clients and, in the first instance, our own “know-how” in the wholesaling sector will be of benefit to you for sure, although not exclusively for a new business start-up, but also for gain in performance of pre-existing one.

Our team permanently conducts steadfast monitoring and carries out researches in the field of commercial activity and fashion in order to spot fundamental trends and timely inform our clients.

Our professional background and excellent knowledge of the second hand market is the highroad to your prosperity!