Interesting facts about clothes. Part 1

Interesting facts about clothes. Part 1 />

In this article, we will tell you about interesting facts related to the history of fashion and clothing. Some familiar things have an unexpected origin story, which many are not even aware of.
The most popular clothing today is a T-shirt. It is worn by 99% of the total population. Our company offers to buy second-hand t-shirts in bulk over 20 names of all kinds of colors, models, men's, women's, children's. T-shirts mix are t-shirts for the whole family in filling one bag. Convenient, isn't it?

And the ancient clothing itself is a skirt that evolved from a loincloth. This is a skirt today - the subject of women's wardrobe, but before it could be worn by men, and not only in ancient Rome and ancient Greece or Egypt. Today, everyone knows that the kilt is a national Scottish skirt worn by men (with or without underwear), but also by the Greek Evzon guards, in the form of which there is a pleated white skirt. They also put on pants under it. By the way, the guards must iron their skirt every morning with their own hands. In India, men wind their woolen skirts over their hips - lungs or munda. In Kenya, the kika men's skirt is very popular among the white population, the masses like to flaunt in a garter belt - clothes that, depending on the weather and situation, are worn as a sarafan or as a skirt (lowering the top of the hook over the hem). In Indonesia, as well as Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore, the skirt worn universally by both men and women is called sarong. And in Fiji, skirts are included in the mandatory dress code for officials. Yemen Hawaii, Burma, Samoa, Kingdom of Tonga - countries in which modern men wear skirts.

Have you ever wondered why the buttons on the sleeves of your jacket? Peter I was often tired of changing the outfit of his soldiers, as they, having a peasant origin, wiped their nose and mouth with their sleeves. In order to discourage this, Peter I issued a decree.

There is an opinion that putting the scruff of the neck on the eversion is a bad sign (you will be beaten). During the reign of Ivan the Terrible, who was distinguished by a sharp temper and ruled 50 years and 105 days, criminals, charlatans, and also people not pleasing to the tsar, were dressed in twisted clothes.

Sweater - a piece of knitted clothing for the upper body without fasteners, with long sleeves and a different type of collar. Knitted woolen sweater found its first widespread use at the end of the 19th century in Europe as clothes for weight loss. Since this is warm outerwear, the doctors recommended to exercise in it, increasing sweating, which contributed to the burning of fat. The literal translation from English to sweat is “sweat”. At the beginning of the 20th century, sweaters became widespread as sportswear (for winter sports: skiing, ice skating). In the 1930s, Coco Chanel introduced a sweater to the world of haute couture, introducing models of sweaters for women. Today, our company offers a large selection of second-hand sweaters in bulk. These are warm thick-knitted winter sweaters and lighter, but no less warm from woolen threads, demi-season sweaters, light summer sweaters for the whole family.

It is authentically known that the birthplace of trousers is Persia. For the first time, pants appeared in Europe among the Scythians, Sarmatians, Gauls, Celts and other Germanic tribes. It was the Scythians who, even several hundred years before the onset of our era, wore leather pants - without such clothes they would not be able to withstand a long stay in the saddle. Do you know why trousers and pants are pronounced in the plural? Initially, each leg was a separate item and attached to the outer clothing with ropes. Later, pants spread among other nations. Only the ancient Romans rejected this item of clothing, considering it suitable only for barbarians. Today, trousers (trousers) are the subject of both men's and women's wardrobe and our company offers to buy second-hand trousers in bulk of various models, styles, colors. SRS Company offers to buy second-hand pants in bulk for any type of figure.

Bermuda shorts appeared in the British colonial troops as part of the uniform. They were designed to be worn in countries with hot climates. And since Bermuda is the territory of Great Britain, it is clear that they were widely spread there. SRS Company offers to buy second-hand shorts in bulk in Ukraine at affordable prices.

This is surprising, but as early as 200 years ago there was no very concept of “children's clothing”. Children wore adult clothes, only they were the smallest sizes. Adult clothing was not comfortable for children, so as a result, a fashion direction appeared that focused specifically on children's clothing. Today there are a huge number of children's clothing stores, but the prices in some of them, to put it mildly, “bite”. And since children grow quickly, they don’t have time to wear clothes, so it’s very profitable to buy second-hand children's clothes in bulk at our Company. We offer a wide selection of second-hand children's things: clothes, shoes, children's accessories.