Interesting facts about clothes. Part 2

Interesting facts about clothes. Part 2 />

The word "pajamas" in Persian means "clothes for the legs." This word came from the Hindi language and literally means loose light pants, pulled on a cord around the waist, which were widely worn in South and West Asia. A typical pajamas consists of loose pants and a shirt, which is widespread in everyday life. In our catalog of second-hand clothes there is a section of home clothes where you can buy pajamas second-hand wholesale for both adults and children.

In Russia, the times of Paul I, vests were considered the clothes of revolutionaries, therefore, their wearing was forbidden. They could even be put in jail for appearing on the street in a vest. Today, a vest is a very convenient and necessary thing in the wardrobe. It will warm the body, leaving it free to move the hand. Vests are very convenient both for sports and in everyday life. Our company offers a wide selection of second-hand vests in bulk for the whole family. The color scheme, styles and sizes will please even the most demanding customers.

The tradition by which women and men’s clothes are fastened differently has arisen a long time ago. Once noble ladies only noble ladies could allow buttons and maids on their clothes, it was they who helped the ladies to dress, and it was convenient for the maids to fasten their lady's clothes from right to left. It is convenient to fasten clothes themselves from left to right - men took this privilege.

As the average weight of the world's population grows, clothing manufacturers increase their physical size, leaving the same size on the tag. Today, the 14th clothing size in the UK is 7 centimeters larger at the hips and 10 centimeters at the waist than the same size in 1970.

Tie - the literal translation of “neck scarf” The first mention of ties can be found in the history of ancient Egypt, where a piece of fabric thrown over his shoulders served as a kind of symbol of the social status of its holder. Also, one of the first ties worn by the ancient Chinese. However, these dressings were too far from modern ties both in the way they were worn and in shape and were deprived of the main attribute of the modern tie - the knot. In the 15th century, Croatian mercenaries appeared in the French army, the outfit of which included special scarves around the neck. The novelty became popular among French fashionistas, and they called it the derivative of the "Croatian" word cravate. The fashion for ties was picked up by Europe, and with it many European languages ​​borrowed its name. For example, in Ukrainian, a tie is a “crib”.

A coat called “trench coat” appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and was intended for infantry of the British army (trench coat literally translates as “trench coat”).

Although jeans come from America, their name does not come from the English word, but from the Italian januas - “Genoese”. It was in Genoa that fabric from which the first jeans were sewn appeared. But it is the American industrialist Levi Strauss, who is considered the first inventor of jeans. At first, this clothing was conceived as working for gold prospectors. The pants turned out to be in demand - thick, not made of leather, but made of cotton and could be washed, with three large pockets, two in front and one in the back, and one small one for coins. Today, modern jeans have about 25 different types and our company offers a wide range of jeans. You can buy second-hand jeans from us wholesale in Ukraine at competitive prices.

The arrows on the trousers appeared in the second half of the 19th century, it can be said by chance. During this period, the clothing industry developed rapidly and large shipments were most often sent by sea. After unpacking, the trousers had badly smoothed fold arrows, which became fashionable.

The concept of vintage clothing has its own clear definition. Vintage style is a fashionable trend that implies a second life of old things. Only clothing that was made between 1920-1960 is considered vintage. Clothing that was made before this period already belongs to the retro style. Vintage clothing should be original and reflect the fashionable course of the decade in which it was created. Such clothes can be found in second-hand clothes. SRS Company is a direct supplier of second-hand wholesale to Ukraine. Our wholesale warehouses have a wide range of second-hand clothes, so the chance to buy vintage clothes is much higher than in stores selling second-hand clothes by the piece.