We share our experience! How to open a store

We share our experience! How to open a store />

When you think about how to open a store and where to buy quality second hand wholesale in Ukraine, our professional experience and excellent knowledge of the market will help you not only to start your own business, but also to make it a good profit.

Our team always closely monitors and conducts active research in the field of trade and fashion in order to identify major trends. We know everything about second-hand and are ready to share useful information!

The minimum list of questions when opening a second-hand shop, to which we will give you answers:

  • Premises - area, number of storeys, suitable location, availability of a warehouse, when to look for premises.

  • Equipment - the choice of commercial equipment and its types, lighting, the correct placement of racks with goods, mirrors, fitting rooms, hangers.

  • Product - types of second hand, differences in assortment, ordering goods online, calculating the cost, delivery, balances and working with them.

  • Pricing and Discounts - Product valuation, weight or price tags, average bill and daily receipts, sales and discounts.

  • Accounting, documentation - what documents are needed for opening, how to keep records, general cost accounting, personnel check.

  • Personnel, motivation and remuneration - personnel recruitment, salary formation, working conditions, the required minimum personnel knowledge and training.

  • Advertising and marketing - types of advertising, advertising on the Internet, customer motivation and work with regular customers.

  • Calculation of profitability - what is profit, what are the costs, what is the minimum annual profit of the store, regular and irregular payments and costs.

SRS Company experts will help you select profitable business offers that meet your individual wishes and recommend a range of second hand goods that meet the specifics of regional and seasonal demand.

We are ready to help you in creating your own second-hand business and warn you against possible mistakes. Our assortment is your profitable investment in the development of your own business. Selling second hand is profitable!