Frequently asked Questions about second hand goods
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Frequently asked Questions

How to download a price list from the site?

    When you go to the tab "Prices" on our website, you will see the entire product range with the first filtration.

    By default, all items marked with a price, so by clicking on «EXEL» can keep this price in their entirety. To save selectively position a price you can click "Clear All" and select the desired position by hand and press the «EXEL».

Why register on the site?

    In his office, you can:

  • make and modify their personal data
  • place orders and to reserve your favorite products,
  • track the status of current orders,
  • browse and purchase history stored in your account,
  • subscribe via SMS or e-mail and follow the updates you selected goods.
  • pay for the goods convenient for you
  • manage addresses and shipping methods
  • receive personalized discounts and gifts,
  • to receive information about promotions and sales, and much more.
  • leave comments and ask experts you may have questions about the product

What are the varieties Sorting second hand?

    Extra - assorted varieties of premium goods (wear no or minimal): AM, Extra (the Extra), Cream (CREM). The best that were selected by our experts in the Netherlands

    First grade - assorted products of mass varieties (normal wear and tear, with no visible flaws and defects: First (1), MIX (MIX), etc. The optimal combination of "price / performance", confirmed by our specialists in the Netherlands.

    Class II - Class II assorted goods (goods with visible wear and tear and minor defects), "B", the second (2), etc. Economy proposal prepared by our specialists in the Netherlands

What types of Original second hand and how they differ?

    For more details on this issue will help you to answer our blog.

In what currency to pay for goods second hand?

    Only in the national currency - UAN

Second hand goods in bulk - this is how much?

    Minimum wholesale - this is one bag regardless of its weight