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for Internet services

Bank:. PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY "BANK KOMMERCHECKY" Privatbank ", based on the license of the National Bank of Ukraine №22 number of 04.12.01g, guided by the Law of Ukraine" On Banks and Banking Activity "and Art. 633, 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the public offer to the public the possibility of acquiring services on the Internet, which publishes the present Agreement as follows:

1. The Subject of the Agreement

1.1. This Agreement regulates the relations between enterprises and PrivatBank, an entity for the purpose of paying the cost of goods, Internet services accepts special means of payment, the holders of which are payers using LiqPay web-interface, then - «LiqPay», and the Bank provides technology services companies for the execution of payments to them for operations carried out with the use of special means of payment and money transfer to the current account of the Company.

1.2. The quality of services provided by the Bank under this Contract shall conform to the legislation of Ukraine, the NBU regulations that govern the operations with the use of special means of payment.

1.3. This Treaty shall be publicly heard to the public to assist in paying for goods and services with the card on the Internet by means of web-interface of LiqPay by its placement (publication) on:

- website (continuously available for review).

1.4. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date specified by the Enterprise Dynamic Enterprise Application password to accede to public contracts for acquiring services on the Internet (hereinafter - the application for accession to the Agreement).


2. Basic terms and concepts.

2.1. The terms are not listed in this section are used in the text of this Agreement in the values ​​according to the legislation of Ukraine.

2.2. Authorization - the procedure for obtaining permission to conduct operations with the Card.

2.3. Buyer Verification - check if the Purchaser personal data in the ban lists: Individuals, E-mail addresses, postal addresses.

2.4. Buyer Verification of standard 3-D Secure - checking the personal data of the Buyer, in which the request is routed by means of Privat and international payment systems in the bank that issued the card. On the site of the bank that issued his card, the buyer enters his login and password for secure payments on the Internet, given to him by his bank. When you enter the correct login and password by the client, the bank that issued the card, permit the financial authorization for the card.

2.5. Dynamic Password - a one-time password, which comes to the mobile phone number of companies listed in the declaration of accession to the Treaty, and the company uses it to confirm the source of the request during the transactions.

2.6. Order - a set of goods and online store services, their value, the method and cost of delivery, the Buyer's personal data.

2.7. Internet shop - a collection of information about products and services companies, as well as service functions placed on the Web-site businesses, and provides visitors said the Web-site.

2.8. Courier - the person conducting the targeted delivery of goods Enterprises. The company may use their own couriers, as well as any independent couriers courier service, with which the company has concluded a contract for the service.

2.9. The maximum transaction amount - the total amount of the order, over which the transaction is not carried out.

2.10. The buyer - a person who ordered and paid for with the Card products or services over the Internet Enterprises.

2.11. Recipient - the person receiving the goods or services of the Company. The recipient can be a buyer or any other person specified by the Buyer to obtain goods or services.

2.12. Online Store Visitor - any natural person - Internet users accessing Internet-Shop.

2.13. Payment card, then card, - special means of payment in the form issued in accordance with the legislation of a plastic card, which is used to initiate the transfer of funds from the payer's account or the relevant bank account for the purpose of paying the cost of goods or services or performing other operations stipulated by legislation.

2.14. The company - a business entity, which under the terms of this Agreement takes cards for the purpose of paying the cost of goods / services in its online stores. The enterprise can only be a legal entity or natural person - a business entity, which has opened a current account in Privatbank or in other Ukrainian or Russian bank.

2.15. Server - is a computer connected to the Internet that is running software that controls access to all resources or of the network resources. A computer with server capabilities allows us to provide access to resources for other computers on the network.

2.16. Enterprise Server - A server that is under control and the full control of the Enterprise.

2.17. Web-based interface - Information Technology PrivatBank interface that enables users to manage their funds on the Internet.

2.18. Special means of payment - special means of payment - a payment card, mobile payment instrument, other payment instrument that performs the function of identifying the means by which the tool holder carries out payment transactions from the payer or the Bank, as well as other transactions stipulated in the contract.

2.19. reimbursement period - number of banking days after confirmation of enterprise dispatch / provision of services until the transfer of the Enterprise Bank of compensation. Day of Confirmation is not included in the compensation period.

2.20. Transaction - a set of transactions between the Purchaser, the Company and the Bank for the acquisition of goods or services in the shop with the Card as means of payment.

2.21. Payment Homepage Companies - page Web-site enterprises, where buyer clicks "Pay" button, what initiates the transition from the page web-site enterprises to secure the bank's server and the transfer to the bank information necessary to carry out transactions on the payment of the cost of goods / services using Cards.

2.22. Acquiring - acquirer activities related to technology, information services companies and performing calculations with them on operations, which are carried out with the use of payment cards.

2.23. Chargeback - financial claim by the issuing bank to the acquiring bank for a refund of transactions. Exhibited in the event of failure by the Purchaser from the cancellation of his card account, which is detected by the Buyer after the receipt of the statement of their issuing banks.

2.24. IP-address - a unique numeric number that identifies your computer during a session on the Internet.

2.25. Web-address - text form IP-address in the World Wide Web - an integral part of the Internet.

2.26. Web-sites - a collection of information and service functions available to users of the Internet, collected on one or more servers.

2.27. Visitor Web-sites - any individual - the internet user to access the Web-site of.

2.28. Web-site enterprises, the Site - web-site, managed and controlled entities.

3. The rights and obligations of the Enterprise

3.1. The company has the right to:

3.1.1. Get advice from the Bank in order to connect to the Internet shop web-based interface, supplies and information materials, the coaching staff to work with LiqPay and order of transactions and verification.

3.1.2. The company determines the procedure for the sale and return of the goods, according to the current legislation. For information about that order company posted on the website. If the goods (service), no return, points to this Treaty, governing the return of the goods and paid for it means not applicable.

3.1.3. To enter into an agreement with the Buyer on the Site, with the release of his nickname and a password, which states clearly: Buyer acknowledges the legitimate payment for goods and services using the (confirmation) assigned him a nickname and password. The buyer acknowledges that the goods and services paid for using the (confirmation), assigned him a nickname and password are paid by it (the Buyer).

 3.2. The company is obliged to:

3.2.1. When conducting transactions comply with the order of work with Maps contained herein. The company chooses the midst of all of your current accounts, through which carried out the transfer of funds received from the buyer. At the conclusion of the agreement specify the correct details of your current account, which will be the transfer of funds received from the buyer. The Bank is not responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the details provided by the enterprise.

3.2.2. Do not raise the prices of goods or services paid by card over the Internet, through the use of the conversion rate of the national currency of Ukraine, than the rate set by the Bank at the time of the Transaction. In setting prices on goods or services, the implementation of calculations with the buyer of the enterprise is obliged to apply the conversion rate of the national currency of Ukraine, established by the Bank at the time of the transactions, and listed on the official website of the Bank.

3.2.3. To ensure confidentiality and non-disclosure of information about the operations of personal data Customers transactional protsessiruemym through Enterprise.

3.2.4. Do not exceed the price of goods or services paid by card over the Internet, over the prices set for implementation via the Internet in any other way the goods or services.

3.2.5. To control the passage of payments on transactions in the case of companies and debt discovery notify the Bank immediately.

3.2.6. Do not exceed the maximum amount for the Order of the Purchaser, the Bank established in accordance with para. 4.1.1 of this Agreement.

3.2.7. Compliance with the existing commodity-cash account when you make a payment transaction using the Card as means of payment. To ensure the preservation of documents relating to the sale of goods or services using the Web-site enterprises (their copies of the receipt of delivery of the order) for at least 3 years.

3.2.8. Provide the Bank, within three working days, upon request a copy of the supporting documents for the provision of services / delivery order receipt confirming the completion of the obligations to Buyer Enterprises Transaction. In case of failure to submit these documents by the Enterprise Bank is entitled to deduct from the amount of your refund the amount of the Transaction.

3.2.9. Indicate clearly on the Web-site of your e-shop:

          a) The types of cards accepted for payment;

           b) their: legal address, license details of the activities performed, email address, phone number; as well as the telephone, the conditions and the deadline for the abolition of the Order

            c) the existence of any limitations of service (for example, the inability to cancel reservations, etc.)

        d) the responsibility of the distribution circuit between the Enterprise and the contractor for the delivery of the Order (by courier, mail, etc.), transportation and transfer orders.

       e) security standard Logos 3-D Secure «Verified By Visa» and «MasterCard SecureCode», necessarily placed on the Payment page of Enterprises, as well as on other pages of the site to address enterprises, notifying visitors about the increased security requirements at the site.

3.2.10. Use Bank logo, the international payment systems, whose cards are accepted for service under this Agreement and link to your website. Placement of the above logos and links on the site - at the discretion of the Company. The Bank reserves the right to adjust the placement of international payment systems in accordance with relevant requirements of the logos of payment systems, as well as the correct placement of links, and the Bank's logo.

3.2.11. Add the Site full information about the sold goods and provided services online stores.

3.2.12. The sale of goods / services if:

         a) such a sale is illegal or could harm the goodwill or negative impact on the brand of the Bank, international payment systems:

firearms, spare parts, ammunition, knives, which is prohibited by the law enforcement agencies;

drugs, steroids, and other products that are a danger to consumers' health, drug paraphernalia;

unlicensed drugs, drug delivery outside Ukraine;

tobacco, gambling products, the casino, lotteries;

      b) the sale, including the image that is patently offensive and has no artistic value (for example, images of a sexual nature, sexual exploitation of minors, injured person or bodies, as a manifestation of cruelty)

     c) the sale of any other goods / services that the entity, in its sole discretion, considers unacceptable for sale with its own brand.

      d) goods / services are prohibited, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and the Rules of the international payment systems

3.2.13. Provide Customers contact information for the company's employees, ensuring Shop.

3.2.14. Change payment details Enterprises made only after receipt by the Bank of compensation for all data submitted earlier. Inform the Bank within 7 days of the change details, type of activity Enterprises in writing (by mail or by e-mail).

3.2.15. In the event of circumstances preventing the implementation of this Agreement, notify the bank within three days.

3.2.16. The company is obliged to keep Orders magazine, with a minimum list of the fields according to the form in Appendix 4, and to provide information from this log Transaction (s) in accordance with the Bank's request in 3 days after receiving the request for payment analysis.

3.2.17. The company is required to maintain a list of prohibitions, the IP-addresses, e-mail addresses, shipping addresses, and individuals, and provide information to add to them upon request of the bank during the day from the date of receipt of the request by fax or by e-mail.

3.2.18. The enterprise must not send to the Bank for processing transactions, details of which are included in the list of prohibitions (IP-addresses, e-mail addresses, shipping addresses, and individuals)

3.2.19. In the case of receipt of written notice from the Bank's enterprise must hold the shipment of goods to undertake work to validate the legitimacy of transactions before the date of receipt of confirmation from the Bank on the legality of the operation. In the case of confirmation of the legality of operations the Bank shall notify the company about the possibility of sending the goods. If confirmed, the illegal use of the Card for Transactions, company is obliged to initiate cancellation of the operation.

3.2.20. According p.p.4.1.3, 4.1.4 enterprise shall suspend the payments using the Card within 3 days of receipt of notification from the Bank to final clarification of the circumstances and to resume accepting payments using the Card upon receipt of notice from the Bank.

3.2.21. In case of questionable transactions using payment cards immediately without fail notify the Bank and law enforcement agencies.

3.2.22. To ensure the confidentiality of all transmitted by the Bank to the Enterprise Technical Information under this Agreement.

3.2.23.Oformit page the Web-site of Internet shop in accordance with the "Requirements and recommendations on registration and online store site, working on 3-D Secure technology" in Annex 5 hereto.

3.2.24. The company shall, at the expiration of 6 months after the signing of this Agreement to hold at least one card payments, and further, at least one payment per quarter.

3.2.25. In accordance with the requirements of the international safety standard online payments 3-D Secure approved by the international payment systems Visa Int. and MasterCard Int. The company is strictly committed to not require input payment card details (card number, expiration date, CVV2) by Customers on its website. Enter the payment card details is carried out strictly on a secure server and exclusively personal shopper.

3.2.26. The company is obliged to inform the visitors of the site enterprises if the formation of the Order begin to act according to the limits p.3.2.5. on compliance with the maximum limits of the Order.

3.2.27. In the case of claims to the Bank by third parties / International payment systems, enterprise must fully compensate the losses incurred by the Bank resulting from the activities of companies and / or its counterparty.

3.2.28. In the case of recovery of the executive bodies of the legislative authorities of Ukraine, the international payment systems with the Bank of penalties related to violations of the Enterprise and / or its counterpart, the Ukrainian legislation, the international payment systems to store information about the map data and on transactions made with their use (as well as in other cases, the perpetrators of action / inaction Enterprises and / or its counterparty, related to violation of the Ukrainian legislation and the rules of the Ministry of Railways, company is obliged to reimburse the Bank for the amount of the fines paid by them in the manner specified in this agreement, at the discretion of the Bank, based on the invoice. "

3.2.29. Enterprise Bank Payment fees, fines, penalties, payment of the amounts can be made on the basis of an invoice issued by banks to enterprises, in UAH. The company is obliged to pay the bill within 10 working days from the date it was issued. In the case of non-payment of bills on time The company is obliged to pay the Bank a penalty of 0.1% of the outstanding amount for each day of delay.

3.2.30. Notify the Bank immediately, but no later than one calendar day, about the facts compromise. Take immediate measures to prevent compromise and eliminate weaknesses in the security of protected information. Disclose judicial and law enforcement authorities about komprometatsionnyh events in the order established by the current legislation of Ukraine. Provide your employees the opportunity to connect through all available channels of communication with representatives of the Bank to determine the degree of compromise of card payment details.

3.2.31. Immediately, but not more than twenty-four (24) hours to ensure the conservation of all the information at all possible sources for fixing concerning compromised facts, including:

preservation and protection of all potential evidence related to the forensic examination;

isolate compromised systems from the network;

save all intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention, magazines Prevention System, all firewalls, Web, database, and event logs;

document all actions to respond to incidents, and to refrain from any skomprometirovanoy Reboot or potentially infected system or the adoption of equivalent actions that may have the effect of eliminating or destruction of information that could potentially indicate the event.

4. The rights and obligations of the Bank

4.1. The Bank has the right to:

4.1.1. As part of its internal rules and policies Acquiring doing business in order to minimize possible risks and losses of the Parties of fraudulent activity on the Internet, set the maximum amount of the order for one customer in the shop, which is $ 2,500. US (two thousand five hundred US dollars) per 1 transaction.

4.1.2. Limit the total amount of purchases on one card for one day in the shop Companies with notification of the Enterprises by fax or e-mail.

4.1.3. Refuse to accept card payments, set in the Stop List Maps.

4.1.4. Refuse to accept the payment and refund payment if the Buyer's payment failed positive safety check.

4.1.5. Do not make the payment authorization, for which the enterprise has violated the conditions p.3.2.5. actual agreement.

4.1.6. In the case of receipt of the claim by the Purchaser or the issuing bank and confirming the eligibility requirements in accordance with the rules of payment systems, to reduce the amount of subsequent recoveries in the amount of the claim, if the claim arose through the fault of the Company. In the absence of further transactions The company is obliged to reimburse