Toys second hand. How to care for soft toys?

Toys second hand. How to care for soft toys? />

Soft toys play a large role in the life of the child. They create a feeling of warmth and comfort. In addition, they become true friends for children, participants in their games. Therefore, it is very important to properly care for soft toys:

✔ You should regularly wipe soft toys with a damp cloth.
✔ The easiest way to clean a toy from contamination is to wash it in a washing machine, but remember that no more than 10% of manufactured toys can be machine washed.
✔ Hand wash - manually wash toys that cannot be machine washed: toys that have glued parts (eyes, tongue, nose), as well as toys made from heterogeneous materials (for example, stuffed with sawdust).
✔ Drying toys is best on a horizontal surface, for example, on a windowsill or table, or hang on a clothespin.
✔ A steam cleaner is a great way to combine wet cleaning with disinfection. When processing soft toys with steam, it should be remembered that it is impossible to direct the stream at glued parts, elements made of plastic.
✔ Vacuum cleaner - a soft toy can be cleaned of dust using the nozzle for upholstered furniture.
✔ Dry cleaning. If the baby is an allergic person, then doctors do not advise getting soft pets at an early age. But if nevertheless cleaning of a soft toy is required, then it is worth thinking about akvahistka which is done in a dry-cleaner.
✔ Freezer is another option for disinfection of soft toys. Under the influence of cold, soft toys are completely cleaned of dust mites and germs. It is recommended to carry out such a procedure at least once a month.

The main disadvantage of plush toys is that they are “dust collectors”. You should not buy toys in markets and dubious stores. The quality of the material used in the manufacture of toys is very important. Most toys are made of synthetics, but even artificial materials are very different in quality. You need to buy toys from well-known manufacturers, this will guarantee that there will be no cadmium and mercury in their wool. Particular attention is paid to the quality of coloring, because in the early years a child is inclined to take everything by mouth. Paints should not fade and get your hands dirty.

Buy second-hand toys wholesale SRS Company. What are the benefits?

High quality materials. For the European market they make an absolutely different quality. For example, if it is a plastic toy, then only high-density plastic is used in it and it is not toxic. Or toys, made of wood (wooden), cardboard. All of these materials are certified and are accordingly safe for children. If we are talking about soft toys, then European manufacturers use only certified and hypoallergenic materials, conduct double quality control of the manufactured toys.

Value for money. This is the most important factor for parents, because in the second hand it is easy to buy high-quality and safe toys from well-known manufacturers at a low price.

Huge selection. Large assortment for every taste: plastic, solid, wooden, plastic, steel, metal, soft, ceramic. Often in the filling of the bag you can meet toys under brand names.

What toys second-hand wholesale offers SRS Company:

Second-hand soft toys: toys of large, medium and small size, characters of favorite cartoons and books, dolls, backpack toys, pillow toys, toy animals.

Second-hand plastic toys: various types of toy animals, toys for the bathroom, educational games, cars for boys, sets of dolls for girls, board games and household sets for the game, etc.

SRS Company second-hand wholesale offers profitable to buy second-hand toys in every sense: high-quality toys at low prices!