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Home textiles
Home textiles
Home textiles
Home textiles
Price for 1 kg: 4.00 / Season: All season / Grade: 1 / Bag weight: 25 kg / Type of goods: Household
Brand: Dell
Bath Mats
Bath Mats
Bath Mats
Price for 1 kg: 2.00 / Season: All season / Grade: 1 / Bag weight: 25 kg / Type of goods: Household
Brand: Dell

What is a second-hand household
Everyday life is a way of life, current life in its constant manifestations. Comfort in the house is created not only by the necessary household items, but also by little things. They make our life comfortable, and various household chores and activities are easier and more enjoyable.

What applies to second-hand household items?
With a wide variety of categories, household products can not only provide, but also pamper yourself with a variety of practical devices. There are a huge number of such items for the home. To more or less navigate this variety, we conditionally divided household goods into groups:
- Products for the kitchen: kitchen towels, aprons, potholders, tablecloths, napkins, kitchen utensils, dishes, electrical goods, etc.
- Goods for residential premises: bedding, pillow blankets, bedspreads, curtains and curtains, rugs, tulle and other fabric cuts.
- Also goods for needlework: threads for sewing, threads and yarn for knitting, various threads for needlework.

Where to buy wholesale second-hand household goods?
A new product does not mean quality. SRS Company offers to buy high-quality household goods second-hand wholesale in Ukraine of European suppliers: Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Extra, 1 and 2 varieties.
We have a wide range of second-hand household goods - about 100 items. Our second-hand online store presents the items that are in the greatest demand.
You can buy second-hand home goods large and small wholesale - from 1 bag.