How did the bedding

How did the bedding />

Modern bedding is striking in its diversity. A very wide selection of materials, colors, drawings. By the way, today, a bedding set is a sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover. Going to bed, we plunge into the kingdom of Morpheus. In everyday life, we are so used to bedding that we don’t even think about the history of its origin.

It can be assumed that once ancient people slept on the wool and skins of dead animals or lined themselves with grass (hay). You can imagine how uncomfortable it was to sleep - the hay was pricked, the wool was knocked off.

Historians claim that the first mention of bedding was found in ancient Roman historians. Wealthy ancient Romans had a craving for luxury, grace and beauty, and of course did not ignore their bed, which they lovingly covered with linen sheets, embroidered with flowers, which was considered an elixir in love joys.

In the Renaissance, in Europe, in noble houses began to cover the beds with snow-white sheets with colorful embroideries with a variety of storylines. Pure white bedding also became popular. But all this luxury was available only to aristocrats - noble families who owned palaces. So for a long time bedding was an indicator of family status.

In the XVI century, the first decoration of bedding was monograms, embroidered on it dates associated with the holidays, conditional images of animals and plants. Such sheets were very valuable, as they were sewn in one piece. Later, bed linen was trimmed with lace and decorated with lace embroidery. But the most interesting thing is that for centuries no one could even think that bedding may not be white.

In the 20th century, sheets began to be decorated around the edges with bouquets of flowers. Bed linen ceases to be a luxury and becomes available to many homes. As never before, every housewife should have had more than one set of bed linen. In the 60s, bedding became colored. The economic well-being of Europeans contributed to the emergence of second hand goods. Second-hand, this is not only used clothing, but also any second-hand item. These things include bedding, home textiles and other household goods, which are presented in large numbers at the SRS Company, in wholesale stores of second-hand goods in Ukraine.

In modern times, one can hardly surprise anyone with even the most sophisticated design of bedding. Today, much attention is paid to natural materials that have a beneficial effect on the very nature of sleep. After all, we spend a significant part of our lives in a dream.

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