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Bath Mats
Bath Mats
Bath Mats
Bath Mats
Bath Mats
Price for 1 kg: 2.00 / Season: All season / Grade: 1 / Bag weight: 25 kg / Type of goods: Household
Brand: SRS Company

Groups of goods second hand wholesale

SRS Company offers the currently most relevant groups of second-hand wholesale goods, which with minimal investment when starting a business (from a small retail outlet to a store or a wholesale warehouse / network) will be quite promising for a long time.

Second hand ORIGINAL

We can offer more than 10 types of "original" second-hand wholesale, ranging from second-hand original home assembly
(“Door-to-door”) to second-hand original of container and conveyor assemblies. Only second-hand direct deliveries, only genuinely original goods. SRS guarantee of primacy for all types of "originals"!

Second hand SORTING

SRS Company also offers a wide selection of assorted second-hand goods in bulk, according to market requests. You will be pleasantly surprised by the assortment of more than 300 sorting items originating from England, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and more than a dozen European countries: men's, women's, children's clothing: jackets, skirts, trousers, shirts, sweaters, furs, light jackets, combinations, seasonal mixes, footwear, work clothes, military clothes; bed linen, blankets, carpets, bags, belts, accessories, toys, yarn (thread), knitting thread, etc.

Most often, sorted second hand is divided according to the following criteria:

Second-hand Extra - these are the highest quality, fashionable, current items, with a minimum percentage of wear, or brand new things with tags. This is the highest quality second-hand category. It has a high content of exclusive models and / or expensive brands.

Second hand 1 Sort - the best selling category of second hand wholesale. The optimal combination of price and quality. This category contains high quality, modern and trendy clothing without any signs of wear. The marriage is either absent or easily eliminated.

Second-hand 2 Grade - worn clothes with small and visible signs of wear or small defects. Out of fashion clothes can be found here. This second-hand garment is a good choice for the budget-conscious consumer.

Our assortment of second hand wholesale is constantly improving, in line with objectively changing consumer needs. We are glad that you are already interested in buying second hand wholesale from SRS Company and are firmly convinced that your visit to our online second hand wholesale store will be the first step towards our mutual long-term cooperation!