Mix second hand sportswear

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Availability: In Stock
Price for 1 kg: 7.00
Season: All season
Grade: 1
Bag weight: 30 kg
Type of goods: Sportswear
Bag cost 210.00

Sports mix of clothes second-hand wholesale.

Filling: only modern and fashionable clothes - leggings, tops, sweatpants, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, trowels, t-shirts. 70% of women's clothing, 30% - men's.

Season: Demi-season.

Category: Cream (no wear).

Bag weight: 30 kg.

Supplier: Holland.

Price: 7.0 € / kg.

【The cost is indicated in EURO equivalent】

In the photo and video, an example of unpacking a product of educational nature.

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