Second hand purchase in bulk

Second hand purchase in bulk />

Second-hand is in great demand in our country. In this regard, a large number of supplier companies have appeared on the market that provide retail deliveries. But why give part of your profit - paying for the services of such companies, if you can independently find a direct second-hand supplier. In this interior view, an SRS Company specialist makes a convincing argument in favor of purchasing a second-hand from a direct second-hand supplier.

- Why is it profitable to make direct purchases of second hand wholesale?

- Everyone knows that second-hand business is based on sales. It is no secret to anyone that the goods from the moment they are dispatched from a foreign plant to the moment they fall into the hands of the final consumer pass through a whole chain of intermediaries. The client gives part of his profit to pay for intermediary services, as a result, the cost of the party increases significantly. Working with a direct supplier and purchasing second-hand clothes in bulk, the customer secures the right to independently set the optimal price for resale and eliminates the need to pay for intermediaries.

- How to buy second-hand wholesale?

- To purchase a batch of goods for your outlet, it is not necessary to directly cooperate with European suppliers. If the buyer is interested in buying 1-2 bags, it is unlikely that the supplier will directly deliver from Europe. Forwarding small batches to wholesalers is not profitable, because it is associated with the cost of transport and customs clearance. For this, there are such wholesale second-hand base as SRS Company. At such bases through established channels, the goods are delivered in bulk in bulk directly from European suppliers. From here, clothes are sent to the cities of the country.

- What are the direct suppliers of second hand wholesale SRS Company?

- Our company provides an opportunity to purchase second-hand goods in bulk from the best European second-hand suppliers at competitive prices directly without intermediaries. We carry out direct deliveries of second-hand goods in bulk from more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, North America.

- What goods for purchasing a second-hand wholesale can SRS Company offer?

- SRS company provides stable and high-quality supply of a huge assortment of goods: men's, women's, children's clothes and shoes, sports goods, household goods, accessories, and more than 200 items.

- Why is it profitable to purchase a second-hand wholesale in bulk with the SRS Company?

- Our company provides regular customers with a flexible system of discounts and regularly holds profitable promotions. We guarantee second-hand deliveries in bulk without delay on time. The client can personally get acquainted with the assortment. The range is regularly updated with fashionable and relevant products. We work only with direct suppliers from Western Europe. Each batch of goods undergoes sanitation and receives a certificate certified according to European standards.