6 types of men's T-shirts: what to wear?

6 types of men's T-shirts: what to wear? />

T-shirts have a special place in men's wardrobe. They go well with things of sports, business and casual style, they are a convenient element of clothing. Knowing the features of the presented types of T-shirts, a man can create his own, unique style.

Options for combining T-shirts with other wardrobe items:



What a wardrobe item goes well with

Round neck

Can be worn under shirts, sweaters, sweaters, as well as an independent item of clothing. It is worth noting that dark T-shirts are not used against a light top and vice versa.                                                                                                   


Ideal with jeans, as an element, ideal for casual style. When choosing this option, you should not get carried away with very deep cuts. Also, this item of clothing goes well with shorts.


Combines with virtually all types of pants, goes to shirts. Ideal for those who have a good figure and want to emphasize it.


It goes well with jeans and trousers of all kinds, as well as shorts. The polo will look appropriate in a street, festive and even business look. Can be worn with jackets, jackets - combining wardrobe items of dark and light shades.


Suitable for use with jeans in cold weather or as an element that can be worn under a warm sweater in winter. The rules for wearing long sleeve T-shirts can be used the same as for the usual T-shirt.


They are often worn as an element of underwear or under other wardrobe items. Can be used under sweaters and shirts, complement street or sports style.

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