How sportswear appeared.

How sportswear appeared. />

Sportswear has long entered the life of a modern person. Today in the sportswear market a huge assortment of uniforms is presented, which makes sports activities comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, it has become almost universal. She is dressed for sports, and for walks, hiking, as well as just to create a fashionable image.

How did sportswear come about?

The first type of sportswear historians consider clothing of the rural aristocracy in England, intended for riding.

Also, the origins of modern sportswear can be found in the XVII century in hunting suits created during the first collective hunts.

In the XVIII century, a standard form for hunting had already appeared, the main property of which was practicality. The basis of such a suit was a frock coat of an adjacent silhouette.

200 years ago, more or less comfortable and practical casual clothes were used as clothes for hunting and sports. Men rolled up trouser legs and shirt sleeves. Women instead of lush dresses began to wear more concise clothes, and then some items of men's wardrobe.

Modern sportswear includes trousers, a T-shirt or sweatshirt with a clasp, and she appeared recently. And who invented such a kit is unknown, it will remain a mystery of history. Various details of sportswear did not appear at the same time. Most likely, something came from hunting suits, and something came from the uniform of workers, for example, T-shirts and jumpers.

In many respects, the appearance of sportswear owes its appearance to football, which became popular in the mid-19th century. Of course, rural people played football long before that. But in the cities, this game became popular after the villagers began to come to work in the cities and brought with them such entertainment as football. The game was so popular that it turned into an urban sport. Of course, football was played at universities. It was the university teams that were one of the first to think about a form that would be different from the teams of other educational institutions. Therefore, the first sports uniform was usually decorated with emblems or emblems of universities. They also began to take care of the convenience and comfort of sportswear.

By the end of the 19th century, there was already such a thing as a “sports uniform”. For training began to use specially designed sportswear.

In addition, sports shoes for men and women appeared, created on the principle of sportswear - comfortable, functional and practical. Along with sportswear and shoes, a new style was born - sports, which is very popular in our time!

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