Jeans: 15 interesting facts

Jeans: 15 interesting facts />

Every day we put on something of denim: pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, dresses, sundresses. Jeans are the most beloved and popular clothes in the world. Almost every person in the wardrobe has at least one pair of jeans. And if initially they were created as a type of work clothes, today it is the embodiment of the fantasies of the most fashionable designers, you can go to them everyday, or you can appear in society.

It is believed that denim first appeared in Genoa back in 1500. It was intended for sewing clothes for Italian sailors.
The fabric is called "denim" (denim) - the name comes from "Nim" (Nimes) - a French town where they first began to produce fabric for jeans and "de" - translated from Nimes.
Due to the popularity of jeans among Hollywood actors, the reputation of “village clothes” is a thing of the past. Indeed, for a long time, jeans were considered clothing for villagers.
The first jeans were indigo and were dyed from ashes.
The name "jeans" appeared only in the middle of the 20th century. Before that, the pants were simply called “overalls”.
The first patented jeans were released in 1850 in America by Leah Strauss and sold at a price of $ 1 46 cents per pair.
The inventor of Levi Strauss jeans trousers has never worn them. He was a wealthy businessman, and jeans were made for poor people.
In 1936, a label was first sewn onto jeans. It was a red flag next to the back pocket of a pair of Levi’s
About 120 billion classic models have been released in history, and this number does not stop growing. It is quite difficult to judge the exact figure regarding the rest of the models.
Chinese factories create the majority of jeans in the global market.
On May 25, 2001, one of the oldest Levises in the world was sold at an eBay auction - jeans from 1879 were found in an abandoned shed of one of the mining towns. For $ 46,532, these jeans were bought by Levi Strauss & Co.
From one bale of cotton, 225 pairs of jeans can be made.
May 20 is considered the birthday of blue jeans - the day Levy Strauss patented his idea.
The inside of the jeans is white, because only the front side is painted with paint.
Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha is a company that produces 90% zippers for jeans. YKK initials can often be seen on zippers.

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