How to choose a ski suit

How to choose a ski suit />

Winter active leisure activities will only bring pleasure if you properly prepare for them. First of all, this applies to equipment.

Often the question arises whether you need to buy a ski suit that is quite expensive, and only a one- or two-week vacation is planned. In this case, you can act in two ways - buy used equipment or rent it. But rent for a day costs one-fourth of a new ski suit, which is also quite unprofitable, because for this money you can buy a whole bag of skiing clothes in second hand.

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A high-quality ski suit provides: wind protection, water resistance, vapor permeability, and also has excellent wear resistance. All these properties are achieved thanks to a special cut and the use of special materials. Only with such equipment will you feel comfortable, but choosing a decent ski suit is not so easy, because there are many nuances:

● Usually a ski suit consists of a jacket and trousers, or is made in the form of a jumpsuit. If you decide to buy a split set, please note that having a snow skirt on your jacket will protect you from wind blowing and reduce the risk of snow getting under your clothes. It is good when the model of the suit has the opportunity to fasten the jacket to the trousers with a zipper - this method protects the lower back from cooling. High-top trousers with shoulder straps do an excellent job of protecting against wind and snow. The jumpsuit also fulfills this task, but in the case of a split suit, the jacket can be easily removed if necessary, but the jumpsuit cannot.

● Ski clothing should be tailored for human anatomy and light in weight. The ski suit should not constrain and cause discomfort while driving. In addition, tight-fitting clothing will wear off quickly.

● A good ski suit has two indicators: the coefficient of water resistance (5000 mm) and the coefficient of vapor permeability (not less than 5000 mm / m2 * 24h). The higher both indicators are, the better the quality of the equipment purchased.

● Padding on the shoulders, elbows, knees and buttocks increases the durability of the suit and prevents it from getting wet.

● Pay particular attention to the seams. If the seams are covered with tape, then this will prevent moisture from getting inside and such a jacket will last a very long time. If there is only impregnation, then the seams begin to leak moisture after the first season.

● The sleeves of ski equipment are generally lightened so that the athlete can move more freely. The cuffs on the sleeves should close tightly so that snow does not accumulate under them.

● Outside pockets of equipment should be zipped. Putting money, mobile phone, keys or other necessary little things there, you are not afraid to lose them.

● Zippers and zippers should be easy to open, close and have large, comfortable runners so that you can grab them without removing your ski gloves.

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