Fashionable summer skirts 2019

Fashionable summer skirts 2019 />

Pleated skirts

Small folds in the fabric are still one of the main hits of summer 2019. A pleated or pleated skirt is at the height of fashion today due to its versatility. The popularity of pleated skirts is quite expected. After all, they can be worn with a T-shirt, jumper and blouse. And the shoes for them go from fashionable sneakers or sneakers to elegant pumps. The focus is on models with a length just below the knee, with trendy prints or bright colors.

Striped skirts

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal - any stripe option is welcome. The length of the skirt can be completely different - from a bold miniskirt to an intriguing floor-length model.

Asymmetrical skirts

In 2019, designers are actively experimenting with styles and lengths, as well as textures of skirts. The hit of spring-summer collections - skirts with a torn hem, chaotic cutouts, asymmetrical edges, with a long train at the back or sides. Color, length, material do not matter. The more expressive the asymmetry, the more relevant the model. In addition, you can combine two trends at once and purchase an asymmetrical skirt with pleats in a bright shade.

Denim skirts

This season, denim skirts are allowed to do everything: to be colored, "boiled", to have an asymmetrical or torn bottom, large pockets, of different lengths. Good as classic options - mini or pencil skirt - and models made of light, "flying" denim. Also in the trend are skirts with buttons or embroidery.

Skirts with trendy prints

In the summer season, there are two extremes: either plain skirts in rich colors, or skirts with prints. Geometric, floral, animalistic patterns, color blocks, geographic prints, optical illusions, chintz patterns, brush strokes, marble stains, hand-drawn and play prints are in trend.

Pencil skirt

A simple classic cut of a pencil skirt remains invariably fashionable in the 2019 season. A long pencil skirt made of bright knitwear or lace fabric will be the highlight of any bow. If the laconic form still seems boring to you, then choose models with large pockets, rows of buttons or other additions. In the new season, this skirt can be not only in an office style, but also an excellent option, both for walking and for an important event. It is not necessary to combine a strict "pencil" exclusively with blouses. It is quite possible to combine it with a top and sneakers.

Wrap skirt

Wrap skirts do not lose their relevance this season. And this is not surprising, because they combine in themselves both the classical simplicity of lines and asymmetry. Long and short high-waisted skirts are in fashion. Additional elements are added to modern wrap skirts: buttons, brooches, rivets, patch pockets and other details.

Tutu skirt

In 2019, the tutu skirt does not lose its relevance, on the contrary, it becomes popular. Modern models are varied: skirts of different lengths, colors, "pomp" and materials. When choosing a style, be guided by your style. The figure is of little importance.

Skirts with a slit

Slits on skirts are another fashion trend, thanks to which you can favorably emphasize beautiful legs. The very case when the appearance can be both strict and incredibly exciting at the same time. The slits are located on the side, along the thigh, or in the center of the skirt. The length of the cut depends on the length and model of the skirt.