The original use of second hand

The original use of second hand />

There are more and more adherents of the principles of conscious consumption in the world.

Canvas grocery bags aren't just practical. A second-hand look is not just a new trend in the fashion world. The rejection of disposable items is gaining popularity all over the world. Correspondent Anna Bezkrovnaya understood what conscious consumption is.

ANNA BEZKROVNAYA, correspondent:

“The clothes we are used to wearing are not easy to make. For example, to make one T-shirt, you need about 3 thousand liters of water. But it is possible to dress stylishly and take care of nature. And now we will try to prove it. Together with Philip Fissen, a fashion designer and owner of a thrift store, we will try to find a fashionable look. Philip, tell me, is it difficult to look for stylish and fashionable bows in stores of this type? "

PHILIP FISSEN, fashion designer, owner of a thrift store:

“It’s much easier to do this in stores of this type, because these things have already been selected. Conscious consumption is not only rational consumption, but an understanding of what you buy, why, how this thing will serve you. It is easy to choose an image in second hand, in order to go, for example, to the office, to work ”.

Many people in the old-fashioned way believe that dressing in second-hand is bad manners. But the fashion for conscious consumption has attracted stylists, lovers of retro, and those who just want to update their wardrobe to thrift stores. A few efforts and in the rubble is the desired size and style, and you become the owner of a unique thing.

ANNA BEZKROVNAYA, correspondent:

"In my opinion, in second hand you can find great things that will last a long time, and even cheaper than in a regular store."

Fans of conscious fashion sometimes don't even buy accessories, dresses, trousers and suits - they exchange them. For this, special parties are arranged.

OLESYA KAPEL, organizer of the conscientious consumption party:

“You can come and take something, no one takes money, no one sells anything. The goal is to clutter up your wardrobes. And all this is for the good of our universe. "

Taking care of nature is not only thoughtful shopping for clothes, but also conscious purchase of products. Plastic bags for vegetables, fruits and cereals are almost non-biodegradable, killing hundreds of thousands of animals every year. In this store, they decided to completely abandon packaging. And it turned out that it can be not only environmentally friendly, but also convenient.

NATALIA DONETS, store owner:

“You can take the bags from us. Linen, transparent, different configurations, you can sew it yourself if you have unnecessary pieces of fabric at home. You take, you sew, it is very simple. Then come to our store, we have such dispensaries, here you can collect the amount of product you need. "

And if at least one person does not buy a plastic bag, which, by the way, serve the consumer on average no more than 12 minutes, and new, probably not always necessary things, he will be able to contribute to saving animals, and therefore the planet.

Source: topspb.tv