Underwear. The history of development.

Underwear. The history of development. />

As Wikipedia tells us: “Underwear (underwear) is clothes that are worn directly on the human body and designed to create favorable hygienic conditions.” Ancient people began to cover their nudity - with animal skins, plant leaves. Something far reminiscent of underwear began to arise in ancient Egypt and in ancient Greece. As such, the concept of “underwear” did not exist. It was a loincloth, vaguely reminiscent of cowards. In ancient Rome - this was not an obligatory part of the costume. There, a tunic was very popular, which covered not only the lower, but also the upper body. The Romans bandaged not only the hips, but also the chest only in order to appear slimmer. There are preserved mosaic images of women wearing hip and breastbands, which together resembles a separate swimsuit.

In the Middle Ages, both women and men wore a linen shirt of a simple cut with a round neckline and long narrow sleeves as a linen, made of cotton, linen or wool and linen pants, fixed with a cord, which eventually evolved into underpants. Some of them had buttons or buttons on the front.

A variety of corsets have become very popular among ladies. It was a complex structure made of leather and metal plates, a whalebone and even wood. It constricted the female torso with a real carapace, not allowing it to naturally breathe and move, because of which the ladies often fainted. The ban on corsets was demanded by doctors. He either disappeared, then reappeared, because dressing him, a woman could “model” her figure, despite the damage to her health. “Beauty requires sacrifice,” is what we say today. Some fashionistas at that time decorated themselves with stockings with garter. Underpants were considered part of men's underwear, but by the 19th century, ladies also began to wear them. By the end of the 19th century, corsets and body shirts became more tight-fitting and frank, underpants also underwent changes to the look that we call cowards today.

The middle of the 20th century was in some way a turning point in the history of the development of underwear. The sexual revolution and the liberalization of views have done their job and changed the usual look at the intimate part of the wardrobe: the styles of cowards and bras became more and more frank, often to the detriment of practicality.

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