Types of men's t-shirts

Types of men's t-shirts />
Men's T-shirts are some of the most popular items in men's clothing. Every man has this piece of clothing, regardless of his income and type of activity. After all, they are multifunctional, as comfortable as possible and easy to wear. The T-shirt is simply an essential part of any men's wardrobe and goes well with almost any outfit.

   Types of men's t-shirts

     There are different styles of men's T-shirts, but there are six main types:


The simplest and most comfortable variety of sleeveless men's T-shirts.
As a rule, T-shirts are made from natural fabric. They are often worn as an element of underwear, or under other wardrobe items. If T-shirts have an original appearance, then they are used as the basic subject of the image and are worn with jeans or shorts.

Classic Crew Neck T-Shirts

The simplest and most common type of T-shirts with sleeves. Often they are plain or with drawings and inscriptions. Classic T-shirts are worn under a sweater (shirt), jacket (jacket), or sweatshirt (sweatshirt), as well as an independent item of clothing.

Plain T-shirts


T-shirts with inscriptions and pictures


V-neck T-shirts

Quite popular today in the world of T-shirts. It is best to combine this item of clothing with jeans or shorts. The V-neck can be anything from subtle to deep. Small triangular neckline - gives the image a little rigor and at the same time - originality. But T-shirts with a deep neckline are more suitable for informal meetings, relaxation or walking.

Polo shirts

This model has a turndown collar with two or three buttons, like a shirt. T-shirts of this model are really very popular. They are more business-like and are considered classics - they never go out of style. They can be worn with jeans as well as with virtually all models of trousers. Polo T-shirts can be worn for a business meeting or an informal event.

Longsleeve T-Shirts

Nothing more than a T-shirt made of thin material, but with long sleeves. Longsleeve can rightfully be called an alternative to a regular T-shirt in the cool season. Therefore, the rules for wearing this men's clothing can be used the same as for the usual T-shirt.

Henley T-shirt

This is a very thin cotton T-shirt with no collar and a vertical neckline with several buttons or snaps. This model can go with short or long sleeves. It is worn with jeans or non-classic trousers.

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