How socks appeared

How socks appeared />

A bit of history.

Socks - this is a stocking, not reaching the middle of the knee - products of light industry, speaking the business language. They are worn for warmth and comfort and are made from cotton, wool and other modern materials. About socks, there are many jokes and funny stories. They are also subject to quarrels and contentions. It is very unpleasant to find them in the most unusual places of your home. What am I talking about? I think that couples understand me very well. Who invented this “irritant” and how?

The history of socks begins in ancient times. First in ancient Greece, then in ancient Rome. Greek women went outside in sandals, and at home, being on their female side, they could relax and put on slippers made of soft leather and enjoy the rest of their legs. In the view of men, wearing such shoes was a shame. However, they sneakily wore it and only at home so that no one would see them, because considered themselves representatives of the "higher caste". In the "leather slippers" Greek women began to go out into the street. And after fifty years, socks became the obligatory part of the wardrobe of the Greeks.

The evolution of socks.

Slowly fashion for socks spread wider and wider. They began to make them out of fabric. Over time, socks began to do more authentic, above the knee. So from century to century, socks rose higher until they turned into stockings. Catholic priests loved this item of clothing, and in the 4th century, white linen stockings became an indispensable attribute of their costume. So stockings initially came into fashion in Europe as a men's wardrobe. The fashion for women’s stockings was introduced by the Marquis de Pompadour. The famous favorite of Louis XV, who spent a fortune on outfits, thought of lace stockings.
After the end of World War I, the victorious countries — the United States, Great Britain, and France — entered an era of economic and political prosperity. Radical changes have occurred in almost all areas of life, including fashion. In prosperous European countries, it has become fashionable to update your wardrobe every year, and give things that have lost their relevance to donate to charity. During this period, the concept of second-hand appeared.

Socks are second-hand today.

In the years 50-60, girls wore socks with shoes or open shoes to emphasize their individuality. Socks later receded into the background. Today, socks are again relevant and great attention is paid to the selection of their colors for clothes. Our company offers to buy second-hand socks in bulk in Ukraine. Modern fashion is to combine the seemingly incongruous. So socks were no exception. They are combined with any shoe, be it strict heels, sandals, oxfords, slip-ons or espadrilles. The most important thing in choosing shoes for your socks is the ability to correctly combine colors and styles. Socks can be worn with any clothing, be it a skirt, dress, leggings or trousers.

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