How to choose a windbreaker

How to choose a windbreaker />

Spring is approaching and the warmth is just around the corner - it's time to update your spring wardrobe with a new acquisition. A windbreaker is an excellent outerwear not only in spring, but also in the seasons of summer and early autumn. Therefore, this type of jacket is simply irreplaceable in the wardrobe of men and women, as well as children.

Choosing a windbreaker fabric
Nylon Ripstop is a matte homogeneous material, slightly rough to the touch. Advantages: the fabric is "breathable" and at the same time perfectly protects against wind or rain.

Nylon Ottoman is a slightly shiny material, the surface is, as it were, lined with embossed cells. As a rule, sports-style windbreakers are sewn from it. Advantages: the fabric is "breathable", has a repellent and hygroscopic properties, wear-resistant (thanks to a special weaving, it is resistant even to cuts).

Stretch Vinil - the material has a "rubber" structure and a matte surface, slightly stretches. Most of the more strict urban-style windbreakers are sewn from it. Advantages: the fabric is durable, does not get wet, does not wrinkle or rub.

Amaretto is a soft, velvety fabric, similar to plush or suede. Advantages: The fabric is breathable and looks very stylish. Disadvantages: this fabric will not protect from rain, although it has a water-repellent impregnation.

Windbreaker models
There are several main types of windbreaker styles.

1. Anorak - a jacket of medium length that does not have a solid fastener, but only a short zipper from the neck of the armhole in front. She dresses over the head, has no side pockets. Instead, there is a patch pocket-kangaroo in front, there can also be hidden inner pockets.

2. Blouson - a jacket with a free volumetric top of medium or short length, the bottom of which ends with a knitted cuff that is usually tight to the body. Zipper closure from top to bottom.

3. Sports windbreaker - jacket of medium length, straight silhouette with a hood and a solid zipper.

Today, a windbreaker is not only sportswear. Nowadays there is a huge selection of models in casual style, classic or strict business style. The austere models are crafted in neutral colors, with little to no prints and only button closure. The collar here is English turn-down or high stand.

For women, designers offer options for windbreakers that are somewhat extravagant. The decor of these products is even more varied. You can find jackets with decorative zippers and metal fittings, or with rhinestones, various prints and embroideries.

Where to buy a windbreaker, jacket?
Second hand is the best option where you can buy quality jackets from world brands for a penny. Windbreakers made of natural fabrics, leather, suede, denim jackets - all this can be found in second-hand warehouses. SRS Company offers to buy men's, women's, children's windbreakers and jackets at low prices. In wholesale warehouses, you can buy not only classic windbreakers, but also exclusive models of famous brands.