Second hand. Myths and reality.

Second hand. Myths and reality. />

Myth 1: Clothing from second-hand can be contaminated or dirty

Who ever bought things in second-hand or at least went to similar stores, knows perfectly well that they always have a specific smell. This smell of things is given precisely by cleaning and disinfection. All second-hand passes mandatory antibacterial treatment. The methods can be different, both chemical and thermal, but the requirement is one - a complete guarantee of the absence of pathogens, viruses and infections.

Myth 2: Second-hand is the humanitarian assistance of rich countries to the poor, which should be free of charge

In this myth there is some truth. Basically, the second-hand assembly takes place under the guidance of charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, etc. Such things are not usually called second-hand, this is humanitarian aid, which is delivered and formalized on special preferential schemes. Usually, clothes abroad are collected and sent to our country for the purpose of legal sale.

Myth 3: In the pockets of clothing from second-hand, you can find "monetary assistance" from foreigners

Yes, indeed, both sellers and buyers of second-hand from time to time find money in their pockets. This is not charity from foreigners - ordinary people who rent their things often forget small pockets or coins in their pockets. Moreover, sellers check all the things that are put up for sale, so it is unlikely that you will be able to get rich significantly in the search for money in the pockets of second-hand goods.

Myth 4: things from second-hand do not need to be washed

The substances with which the clothes are processed have a specific odor that indicates that it is protected from microorganisms and harmful insects. From one fitting your body will not suffer, but with prolonged wearing of non-washed clothes, there may be some consequences for the body. Handling clothing with a specific gas ensures its full protection. Therefore, having bought things in the second hand, always erase them, and after that, safely wear without fear of any consequences.

Myth 5: On the image on the package of things in second-hand, you can determine their purpose

Many believe that clothing from bags with the image of a cub is meant for orphanages, with a helicopter - must be dropped by the victims of the disaster. However, it is not. Similar pictures of organizations that collect items, note which charitable purposes will be transferred to the proceeds.

Myth 6: Second-hand shop for beggars, and clothing worn and outdated

This myth has been dispelled for a long time. But, for those who are not yet aware of the fact that frequent visitors of second-hand, along with ordinary people, often are rich and even famous people. First of all, you can buy good quality clothes there. Mostly it comes from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, the USA, Canada and even Australia. And unlike boutiques, in practically every second hand you can find real clothes from Armani, Gucci and other designers.