Which second hand is better: cream or stock?

Which second hand is better: cream or stock? />

Second hand store can become a main business or an additional source of income. When you start your own business, first of all, you need to make the right choice at the initial stage: What assortment will you sell? This can be new branded things with tags, an exclusive product with a minimum level of wear, or casual clothing with a minimum of wear, with visible wear or with slight defects. The proposed product should not only be outwardly attractive, but also have an affordable price.

What is stock and second-hand cream?

Stoke (Eurostock) is a category of things that were not in use and branded labels and tags were necessarily stored on them. Such goods are collected only from unsold collections of company stores. The stock category, in turn, is divided into brands and is often sold individually.

Cream (cream) - clothes and shoes are new or without signs of visible wear and tear, often new things with cropped labels get here. A minimum of 20% of the Cream category is new clothing with branded tags and labels. In this category, exclusive clothing models and the most expensive brands are very common. Cream items are formed from goods collected from people with the addition of Eurostock items.

Second hand cream is not a drain

Many may assume that the category of second-hand cream is a stock, but this is completely not the case. Stock items are considered only discounted items in stores. Second-hand cream - these are sold things, so they have nothing to do with the stock category. Second-hand cream is mainly supplied from Europe and America, from rich cities and states. It is the prosperous population that gives to the sorting factories things that were bought at sales, or collection models that were once dressed.

Of course, those who are confused that someone wore it before you and maybe even wore it for a couple of days will go and buy stock clothes, and those who do not have such prejudices will be happy to buy clothes from the cream category, because it is no different from that same runoff, which by the way is also present in a small amount in the cream of the second-hand clothing category.

Back to stock

A properly selected stock product will provide you a good profit. It is no secret that textile giants are constantly fighting for leadership abroad. Constant marketing, advertising, impressions and a lot of sales. But at one point there may come a period of no return. The moment when the product will be hard to sell, and it loses its relevance. It is then that sales come in, 50-70-80%. On such days, cool branded items can be bought for a penny. Brand retail boutiques cannot leave outdated items, this spoils the image. They should definitely sell them. Although the clothes did not deteriorate, they just slightly went beyond the latest fashion trends, they go through markdowns and are sold as stock goods.

How to choose a wholesale second-hand supplier?

Having decided on the future assortment of your store, you need to decide how to purchase second-hand cream and stock in bulk. The process of working your own business depends on choosing a reliable supplier. It is important that the goods delivered by him meet the declared quality, have an acceptable price and do not disrupt the delivery schedule. Convenient logistics is also very important - transportation of goods from the supplier to your store or warehouse.

Why is it profitable for you to cooperate with us?

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