Interesting facts about second-hand

Interesting facts about second-hand />

The expression "second hand" is used to refer to absolutely any second-hand thing - from clothes to furniture. Also, stock clothes, shoes, accessories often fall under this category - these are completely new things from outdated collections, which stores get rid of before a new arrival. In stock collections, you can often find branded items. In ordinary stores, such things are expensive, and in second-hand stores you can buy excellent clothes and shoes for quite inexpensive.

Second-hand shops are used by 70% of the world's inhabitants

More than 150 billion pieces of clothing are produced annually in the world. On average, each item is worn about 7-10 times, and some are never used at all. In rich countries, second-hand is often used to find original and inexpensive things, in poor countries it is practically the only way to update your wardrobe. In countries where it is customary to donate their clothes and shoes to charities or sell at sales, these things get a second life from new owners.

Second hand is a billion dollar business

The second-hand industry is estimated at about $ 16 billion. Experts report an annual 16% growth in the second hand market every year. There are entire companies that focus only on this segment. They collect, sort, disinfect, recycle second-hand, and then resell.

Most of the secondhand is exported by the United States, and imported by Pakistan.

USA is the leader in the sale of used clothing. Every year 1.4 million tons of used clothes are produced in this country, of which about 800 thousand tons are exported abroad. Pakistan imports the largest amount of used clothing - almost 200 thousand tons annually.

By buying second-hand clothes and shoes, we finance Western medicine

Second-hand goods from the UK, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, the United States and other countries are collected by volunteer organizations that collect and sell clothing. Part of the proceeds goes to the needs of their medicine. Thus, indirectly, it turns out that everyone who buys things in these stores is funding Western medicine.

Show business stars wear vintage clothing

The most chic outfits and accessories, including vintage ones, are auctioned. Special catalogs are issued, in which lots are presented with what will be put up for sale. Many stars are quite calm about shopping in such stores. For example, actress Julia Robert at the 2011 Academy Awards wore a vintage Valentino gown purchased at a similar auction.

Interesting finds are sometimes hidden in the pockets of second-hand items.

Despite the fact that second-hand clothing goes through numerous stages of sorting and processing, you can still find something left of its owners in the pockets or under the lining of the handbag. Among the finds are coins, banknotes, receipts of payment, rings, etc. Although, of course, this is more an accident than a rule.

Specific smell

All clothes from second hand stores are pre-processed. This specific smell is just an indication that it has been disinfected. The smell is quite persistent, but it disappears after washing and drying in the open air.

For many designers, second hand is a place for ideas.

Many novice fashion designers are willing to use second-hand clothes. Cheap clothing is a great way to inexpensively purchase a quality and sometimes branded item and consider the features of its cut and finish. Some designers re-do things in large sizes and sometimes it turns out really cool!