Second Hand Cream

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The word Cream second-hand cream from English means - cream. Clothes of this sort are selected and sorted from the rest of the goods, only the best and the highest quality goods are selected, and the "cream" is collected. Cream is primarily clothes and shoes without wear, in most cases sold with price tags and tags.

- What is included in a second hand cream?

These are clothes, shoes, household items without signs of wear, new branded clothes also come across in the category "cream". Such things are for children and adults, they are intended for special events, among them there are extravagant wardrobe items. Cream is the most expensive product category.

- There is a misconception that the Cream category is a stock?

This is a common mistake that we immediately warn our partners about. Second-hand cream and stock are not the same! Stock is clothing that is discounted by stores. Cream is things that have already been sold once and therefore have nothing to do with stock and are not.

- Where does the second hand Cream come from?

Second-hand cream is mainly supplied from European and American countries, from wealthy cities and states. It is the wealthy population that gives to sorting factories things that were bought at sales, or collectible models that were worn once. Foreigners like to buy children's things in reserve and only of the highest quality, but the child grows very quickly and quite often does not even have time to try on new clothes, so in the cream category you can find a lot of high quality children's clothing.

- How popular is the second hand cream among buyers?

Despite the fact that this category has a high cost, it is in demand among buyers. This is explained by the fact that in comparison with new things presented in boutiques, shops and markets, second-hand cream has a lower price and higher quality.

- Is it worth buying only second-hand "cream" for the store?

Aspiring entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing only "cream" when buying second hand wholesale. Although this item will make up the best assortment in your store, it is also the most expensive item. If there are too many of them, it will scare away the buyer who came to you for cheap things. We recommend combining different product categories in the assortment.

- How to buy second hand Cream in bulk from SRS Company?

Our assortment of second hand wholesale is constantly improving, in line with the objectively changing needs of consumers. You can buy second-hand Cream wholesale in our wholesale warehouses or in the online store. We hope that your visit to our online store or to a second-hand wholesale warehouse will be the first step towards our mutual long-term cooperation!