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Categories second hand />

Today we want to tell you about the categories of second hand. SRS Company will help you navigate and choose the most suitable product for your stores, both for price trading and for weight. If you are not completely confident in the intricacies of the wholesale categories of goods, an interview with our second-hand warehouse employee SRS Company will help to understand them.

Is there a unified classification system for second-hand clothes?

-As there is no official second-hand classification, all suppliers have different types, but there are generally accepted types.

- What categories of second hand exist?

Usually second-hand clothes are divided into Original and Sorted goods. Under the original understand wardrobe items that go on sale in the same form as they were delivered. They are thoroughly disinfected, but not screened. Sorted second-hand - second-hand, which is selected and sorted according to one or several criteria.

- What are the groups of second hand Original?

- By type of assembly: the original home collection and the original container collection. Home assembly - clothes and things that people give away. They need to be in good condition, clean and tidy. If these are shoes, they should go in pairs. Assembly is carried out by organizations door-to-door or things are sent by the owners through the delivery service. During container assembly, containers for clothes are displayed in crowded places - goods that fall here of lower quality than with home assembly.

- What are the criteria for selecting a sorted second-hand?

Most often, second-hand goods are sorted by quality:

• Luxury, Cream, Extra - here you get modern things of good quality, most often branded with tags or price tags from the first purchase. This second-hand subgroup is the most expensive. But, many people confuse them with stock things. This is not so, because stock items are those that were discounted in a store or warehouse, but could not be sold;

• 1st grade - quality items that have no signs of wear or any damage are selected here. This category is the most popular, it includes fashionable clothes on which there is no marriage, and if there is, then it is easy to fix it;

• 2nd grade - this category includes items that show signs of wear and are already out of fashion;

• Grade 3 - here are collected things that are no longer suitable for use, they have a marriage that cannot be fixed or they are completely worn out. Such things are selected for technical textiles.

- What assortment of second-hand goods in bulk can SRS Company offer?

In our warehouses there is a wide range of second-hand products: shoes, textiles, clothing, household goods, accessories.
SRS Company wholesale warehouses deliver both large wholesale - from 20 tons, and small wholesale - from 1 bag. Our clients and partners are entrepreneurs, second-hand clothing retail stores, as well as owners of the largest retail chains in various regions of Ukraine.

For the convenience of customers, we offer SORTED products second-hand and ORIGINAL ("all as is"). We provide all our customers with the opportunity to select and preview the goods, as well as offer a loyal discount system, unique promotional programs and special offers.

SRS Company experts will help you find the best business offers that meet your individual wishes and recommend a second-hand assortment of goods that matches the characteristics of regional and seasonal demand. We are ready to help you in creating your own second-hand business and to warn against possible mistakes. Our range is your profitable investment in developing your own business. Selling a second hand is profitable!